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Jamie O.

Admin, Head Coach of Trampoline & Artistic Judge

  • Recreational Coach

  • Active Start Coach

  • Trained in Rhythmic Foundations

  • Women’s Level 2

  • Men’s Level 2

  • Trampoline Level 4

  • Women’s J.O. Level 8-9 Judge

  • Women’s CPP level 10 Judge

Jamie O.

Jamie started with gymnastics in 1987 in her school and fell in love with the sport. I use to train 20 hours a week and my highest level of competition was Provincial Class 2 level and was Provincial Champion in 1996. I started coaching at the age of 15. Started judging at 16 years of age. I have judges Men's Artistic, Women's Artistic and Trampoline gymnastics. I went to SIAST in 2002 to take the admin course. Moved to Saskatoon and coached at Can Am for 2 years. Then moved to Toronto to attend Seneca College and enrolled in the Competitive Gymnastic Coaching Program. While in Toronto, I coach at Skyriders Trampoline club in Richmond. This was 2007-2008. Moved back to Saskatchewan to become the Program Coordinator At Gymnastics Saskatchewan. I then moved on to Head Coach at Gymnastics Adventure to build up the Trampoline program. I worked there till 2013. Came back to Moose Jaw and started a Trampoline program at Gymtastiks in 2010. I coached a gymnasts to World Championships in Double Mini Trampoline in 2013 and brought home a silver medal in the team competition. He also won Gold at Indo Pacific Championships in Australia in 2012. I now enjoy coaching & judging all levels of gymnastics.

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